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MP Residence

Our client was a couple with varying design ideologies, one with a more industrial, formal style and the other with a modern boho style. The challenge was to combine both their personalities to create a warm and cozy space and incorporate a surround sound system. 

As the couple love to host gatherings, the dining area is a more fun space, with room for storage below the bench and for adding more seating when necessary.

It was an absolute pleasure working with Abilaasha a.k.a Studio Thinnai. Abilaasha is affable, professional and architecturally dexterous.Her services were detail oriented where she transformed some of our unusable spaces (so we thought!) into beautiful designs! Her choices were eclectic while pursuing the right products for our interior which finally created an ambience to cherish.She was meticulous in every teeny-tiny detail.

Studio Thinnai is a very compelling option for anyone who would like to have their interior/exterior pleasantly designed.

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