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crafting spaces and lives 

The relation between us and our space is reciprocal. They have a special physical, mental and emotional relationship with our life and we are strongly dependent on them. They become an inseparable part of our identity.

This is the philosophy of Studio Thinnai.

We believe in designing spaces that become an integral part of our clients lives and tell the story of who they are.

With close collaboration with our clients, we help bring your identity into your spaces.

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Abilaasha Jeevan

Founder, Creative Head | Eindhoven, Netherlands

An interior designer who has acquired several years of experience in architecture and interior design in Dubai. After moving to The Netherlands she extended her knowledge through Masters in Interior architecture from Maastricht Academy of Interior Architecture.


Soon after her graduation she decided to use her experience and skill to start Studio Thinnai with an aim of providing value, expertise and knowledge to clients in realizing their requirements.

Kavinaya Sakthivelan

Interior Design Consultant | Munich, Germany

An Architect and Interior designer with over 10 years of experience in India and Germany. She acquired her masters degree in architecture at the world renowned Bauhaus art school in Germany. Over the course of her career she has gained experience in several other design fields such as furniture, graphics, publication, digital product and jewelry design as well.

She is passionate about using her diverse design skill to create a unique experience for clients.


Abilaasha and Kavinaya have known each other for more than a decade. They studied their bachelors together in India. Their friendship and career has grown so much since then.

They both have different styles, interests and skills, which makes this partnership diverse and super exciting!


Email :

NL : +31 6 49785110

DE : +49 1522 6673441

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