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"Adding a touch of boho chic to my bedroom" - Kavinaya

We all have an accent wall in our spaces that act as the focal point of the room. They have a high aesthetic impact and transform any interior space. They help bring attention to certain parts of the room and add a unique character to the space.

This is my bedroom. It is located at the end of the hallway right opposite to my living room. The wall directly in view is the wall above the headboard of the bed. That is a perfect spot to create a focal point.

I have been eyeing basket wall ideas for a while. Basket on the wall is not a new concept. It has existed in the older times to store extra bags and smaller items on the wall. In recent times, baskets on walls have been trending and appearing in home decors.

The master bedroom is located in the north of the apartment, making it feel cold and dark most times of the year. The baskets could create an amazing focal point and bring out the warmth in the room.

And so, I started collecting an assortment of baskets. I was determined to do it low-cost and with a story behind every piece of basket picked. I looked for 8 months. Bought and thrifted at stores across Helmond, Munich, Prague and Chennai. Abilaasha found one for me too !

Of course the cats have to test it, check it and make sure they fit.

“I fit. I sit.”

Some of them are baskets, some basket lids, some placemats for the dining table.

Then I tried to make different combinations to arrive at my favourite.

Once I found the one, it was time to put it up. I used simple double sided tape to fix the baskets and placemats on the wall.

It came out so much more beautiful than I thought it would. I am very happy with my little project!


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