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Getting cozy - Styling up your Coffee Table

Winter is here to stay for a few more weeks! With the temperatures dipping every day, our time is being spent in the warmth of our homes huddled around with family.

Is there anything better than having a hot cup of cocoa with your comfy socks and cozying up on the couch in this weather. A coffee table is a must for every living space. Although a coffee table has so much function on its own; to put your legs up, to rest our coffee mugs and sometimes even to eat takeout dinners while watching TV, having a mindful intention in styling it helps bring the room together and elevate the whole space.

Styling or Decorating your coffee table doesn't have to be overwhelming.This blog offers you tips and tricks to make it easier and complete your space.

Consider the shape and size of your Coffee table.

With a large rectangular coffee table, you can play around with different sections and display more items without overcrowding it. But for a small or a circular table, it would be better to have one single centerpiece that compliments the table.

Deciding on your style.

Its definitely helpful if you self-reflect and understand your style. It could be either minimal, Scandinavian or colorful boho with a lot of patterns and textures. It is best to establish a color scheme.

Using the rule of the third.

Using the design technique of styling items in groups of three looks balanced and more pleasing to the eye. This would create an effortless symmetry in terms of color, texture and tone.

Making a Visual Triangle through height.

Using boxes and books is the easiest way to stack height because they can always be increase or lowered. Vases, greenery and candlesticks can usually help in creating a combination of highs and lows in a grouping.

Adding depth to your arrangement.

By mixing textures like metal, concrete, wood or rattan, as well as tones like gold, black, beige, bronze etc, we can break the monotony and maintain an equilibrium.

Introducing Natural elements.

By incorporating faux or real greenery, airplanes, succulents, floral arrangement, you add another dimension to the decor within your table. It brings an organic element to the space making it more inviting while also providing a range in both height and texture.

Complete it with Decorative Items.

As a final touch, you could add a sentimental, vintage or unique decorative piece that correlates with your personality to finish off the decor.

Tip: Tying it all together within a basket or a bowl helps to keep things grounded. It could also act as a catch-all place for things like a remote, coasters and other personal items. It is both a beautiful and practical piece.

Although these are some basic guides, its always best to play around and have fun with it. Being creative always helps - you will never know when inspiration strikes.

All pictures courtesy of Pinterest


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